Country: Indian Ocean
Date (local): April 30, 2010, 08:48:06
Date (UTC): Apr. 29, 23:48:06
Magnitude: 5.7 Mw
Max. Intensity:[1] VII
Depth: 10.4 km
Epicenter coordinates: 51.057°S, 139.395°E
Epicenter location: 1080 km SSW of Hobart, Australia
Flinn-Engdahl region: 742 — Western Indian-Antarctic Ridge
Type: oceanic spreading zone
regions affected:
Tectonic plates: Antarctic Plate, Australian Plate
  1. This information is based on an automatic estimation by the PAGER system and is sometimes not updated when the magnitude of the earthquake is updated. It might therefore be not correct.

5 Feb (6.2) • 15 Mar (5.8) • 14 Apr (6.0) • 28 Apr (5.6) • 30 Apr (5.7) • 11 Jun (5.8)

Earthquakes in the FE region 742 (Western Indian-Antarctic Ridge) in 2001–2010

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