Country: Galápagos Islands
Date (local): January 29, 2010, 14:47:53
Date (UTC): 20:47:53
Magnitude: 5.6 Mw
Depth: 10 km
Epicenter coordinates: 1.591°N, 90.537°W
Epicenter location: 285 km N of Puerto Villamil
Flinn-Engdahl region: 696 — Galápagos Islands region
Type: oceanic spreading zone
regions affected:
Galápagos Islands (Ecuador)
Tectonic plates: Cocos Plate, Nazca Plate

29 Jan (5.5) • 29 Jan (5.6)

Earthquakes in the FE region 696 (Galápagos Islands region) in 2001–2010

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